Renewable Asset Support

Inspections, repairs and replacements to keep your solar and wind power assets operational.

Renewable Asset Support

On-time, on-demand, and accountable

Inspections, service, and maintenance for your solar and wind power generators to deliver long-term performance and peace of mind. 


Solar maintenance

Planned and corrective maintenance designed to optimize operations and management of individual solar panels and large-scale solar farms. 


Wind maintenance

From the base of the tower to the tip of the blade, ongoing maintenance boosts the lifespan and ROI of your wind power assets. 


Emergency SUPPORT

Should your equipment malfunction in any way, we’ll be there to minimize downtime and get it operational again as quickly as possible.


Ongoing support for the day-to-day operating needs of your renewable assets.

Consulting services 

On-site construction monitoring, regular inspections, and quality assurance / quality control checks to ensure your project stays on scope. 

Balance of point (BOP) services

Managing and executing BOP services including snow removal, vegetation management, and environmental monitoring requirements.

O&M services

Training, budgeting, and administrative services help your assets hit production output and other performance benchmarks. 

Substation maintenance 

Comprehensive testing, transformer inspections, and oil and gas analysis for utility scale and private solar and wind projects. 

Inventory management

Following original equipment manufacturers (OEM) service programs by recommending spare parts, engineering for replacements, and sourcing components when required. 

Warranty assistance

Preparing information requirements for warranty claims to be sent to original OEMs and engineering, procurement, & construction (EPC) service providers.

On-demand emergency service

When power and performance go down unexpectedly, you may have asset investors, stakeholders, and owners asking what happened, why, and when it will be remedied. 

Spark Power provides coordinated emergency response and power recovery services to control serious incidents and reduce lost production and profitability as quickly as possible. 

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